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- US players not accepted for real money
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Gin Game Facts

- Skill games are legal in the USA

- Las Vegas US District Court ruled in 1965 that Gin Rummy is game of skill, therefore it is legal in US as well

- 52 card deck is used in this game, it is important to remember all the cards from pile to predict hands of opponents and your chanced of completing melds

Learn to play this game with Gin Rummy Online Tutorial

Gin Rummy Online

If Elwood T. Baker and his son C. Graham Baker could catch a glimpse of Gin Rummy, the game that they invented, as it stands today they would certainly be amazed. More than playing among friends or in the casinos it is easy to play Gin Rummy online with friends and virtual strangers from anywhere in the world.  Although in depth details of the true origins of the games seems to be clouded in mystery most can agree with historians and credit the Bakers for its creation. In fact Elwood’s son has been credited with the catchy name as he based it all on two of his favorite beverages, gin and rum.

Gin Rummy

Gin Rummy and other card games were mostly played in saloons at the turn of the 20th century and card players usually could expect their winnings to be specific drinks, whiskey, rum and gin. The name of the games therefore was continuously adapted to reflect the drink or “prize” given to the winner, hence card games were given names like “Whiskey Poker,” “Gin Poker” or “Rum Poker.”

Gin Rummy OnlineWhatever the history we can all agree that this game was an instant hit back then and more than that it still remains a popular game today even on the internet where people can play Gin Rummy online. In the United States alone over 50 million players are thought to be fans of the game and gin is by far the most popular rummy game played there. Although the degree of popularity of the game varied through the years, today it stands as one of the most popular card games. The years in the 1920s and 1940 when the game caught the attention of rich Hollywood stars brought some of the highs for this game. Even when the nation went through the great depression gin served as a source of entertainment.

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 How to Play Gin
Learn what are the best ways to learn this popular card game. Which are the best places where to play Rummy online and get familiar with the rules. Those more curious ones can check scoring rules and advanced strategies
 Play Gin for Free
The best way to get started with gin online is to play free games just for fun (virtual money). Some online card rooms give new players opportunity to try their card room with real money risk free with free no deposit sign up bonus.

The classic version of this popular game involves two players. The aces carry the lowest value which is quite the opposite of other rummy games where aces carry a high value. There are some other distinct differences between gin and classic or standard rummy. The differences lie in the play, the players and deal, the scoring and in the goal.

Gin vs. Standard Rummy

The DealerWhere classic rummy can involve 2 to 6 players, Gin involves 2-4 players. In classic version the deal is agreed beforehand by the players and the dealer is chosen at random. In contrast each player must pick a card from the deck to choose a deal and the one who has the lowest card deals in the game of gin. There are also some differences during the games (when taking new cards or discarding) as well as in scoring. The best way to get familiar with the differences is to play classic rummy as well as Gin Rummy online for free.