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Learn to play gin rummy card game using Gin Rummy tutorial

How to Play Gin Rummy

How to Play Gin RummyWith the multitude of games to play online it’s easy to make the assumption that nobody plays gin rummy. You might be surprised to learn that this game has survived many ups and downs and still is a popular game among the older generation and even in the new generation of players. It’s a game that is packed with entertainment, it’s easy to learn once you master a few strategies and is very addictive. Due to the popularity of the game there are a number of written detailed guides on how do you play gin rummy card game so that the current generation can learn the rules of the game.

How to Play Gin Rummy GameSome players advocate that the best way to learn gin rummy is to watch players in action. While you can learn a lot by watching the game there are some key elements of the game that is best learned by reading a complete guide to the game. There are various sources on the web where you can pick up tidbits but this can be a problem since there are so many available resources that you can easily become confused. We did the work for you and included guide with basic rules of the game simple to follow and some good strategies for winning the game. As well as reviewed some of the best card rooms that provide gin rummy games and easy to understand tutorials. When you decide to learn the game here are some important things to understand.

The Rules of the Game

How to Play Gin Rummy Card GameThe first step of learning how to play gin rummy is to understand the rules of gin rummy. Briefly said the game involves the drawing and discarding of cards in order to form valid combinations. The combinations can either be a sequence of cards in the same consecutive order or a set of cards with the same rank. Cards also have points attached to them. The aces have the lowest points with a value of 1, faces have 10 points and all the other cards are worth their face value. You must draw and discard on every turn but you can also end the game on your turn if you have a valid combination. This is what is called “knocking” in gin rummy. These are just some of the basic rules of the game. There are a lot of other rules like gin rummy scoring rules that you should get familiar specially if you plan to be a serious player and perhaps even play for real money.

Practice Makes Perfect

The phrase practice makes perfect is especially applicable to this game. Knowing all the rules and memorizing key strategies will get you nowhere if you don’t practice the game. If you don’t have a physical partner to learn the game with you can always take it online and try a number of free gin rummy games available at card sites online. This is a very dynamic game and is deceptively simple but there is a lot of skill and strategy involved.

PlayerAs a beginner you should never practice in real money mode no matter how good you think you are. Play for fake real money of just for entertainment with other online players until you have mastered the game. As you continue to practice you will see a notable difference in the way you play the game. There is a huge difference in the way that you play as a beginner to the way that you will play when you become average and expert later on. This is just to say that you should not pit yourself against average or expert players until you have learned how to play this card game and mastered all the important aspects of the game.

By starting to play at top online card rooms, learning some strategies and the rules of the game and with a lot of practice pretty soon you will learn to play gin rummy card game and win.