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Gin Rummy Scoring Tips

- in games for money, the player with lower score pays the winning player with the higher score the difference between those scores

Gin Rummy Scoring Rules

Gin Rummy ScoringWhen playing gin rummy you should aim to win each individual hand and to ultimately win the entire game. The amount that you score in each individual hand will determine your final score at the end of the game. A head to head or two handed game has a point total of 250 points but that may vary based on who you’re playing with and what you’re playing for. If you’re competing for money or other prizes it is safe to assume that the point total will be 250. Points are scored when you knock before your opponent does but you can also score bonus points with each hand. Although calculating the gin rummy scoring points for every hand looks simple it takes some practice to get the hang of it.

Scoring in Gin Rummy

There are a few levels for calculating points in gin rummy.

  • Knock points: Once you knock before your opponent you will receive points for the difference between your cards and those of your opponent. For instance if you have 9 points when you knock and your opponent has 6 deadwood points at that time you will earn 3 points.

  • Gin Bonus: Going gin will give you a 25 point bonus plus every one of the deadwood points count from your opponent.

  • Underknocking: If your opponent has less deadwood points than you when you knock he will receive 25 gin rummy scoring points as a bonus plus the difference between yours and his hand. 

  • Game Bonus: A game bonus of 100 points usually is given when one player reaches the agreed number of points for the game.

  • Line Bonus or Box Bonus: Here a player receives a 25 point bonus every time he wins a hand in the game.

  • Big Gin:  If you manage to go gin by using all 11 cards before you knock you can score a 6 point bonus.

  • Shutout Bonus: Win every hand consecutively and double your points for each hand. 

Your Gin Rummy Score Sheet

Gin Rummy ScoringWith all the ways to earn points in the game of gin rummy it would be almost futile to try keeping track of the points in your head. When you’re playing especially if it is a competitive game you should always walk with your gin rummy score sheet. The sheet is made up of six vertical columns or three columns for every player. The sheet should also have horizontal lines to identify individual scores.

Much detail must go into when playing offline however if you frequently play online a lot of the gin rummy scoring will be done automatically for you. Still it helps to know the rules for scoring and keep track of point accumulated in the game.