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Gin Rummy Strategy

- play for the knock not for gin

- follow your opponents (what cards do they discard and take)

- seven is the most valuable card therefore it is not recommended to discard it early

Gin Rummy Strategy

Gin Rummy StrategyAt first glance Gin rummy appears to be a quite simple game; pick up a card then discard a card, simple right? Well there is more to gin rummy than that, much, much more! For one players must think strategically, not only for themselves they must also consider carefully the cards that have been discarded by opponents. What cards would the opponent want? Look carefully at his plays, what he discards and takes and you will be able to glean quite a bit. Your first gin rummy strategy would then be to hold on to those cards that you suspect your opponent needs. Don’t help him to achieve his goal.

Play for Knock

Give yourself a distinct advantage at the start of a hand by playing for a knock rather than a gin because the bonus will be significant. Once you decide your gin rummy strategy, start building melds, a triangle and a knock cache in your hand. Knock as soon as you get one of the four cards with which you can turn your triangle into a meld.

Middle Cards More Valuable

Gin Rummy StrategyAlways keep in mind that for strategy’s sake the middle cards are far more valuable than low or face cards since you can use them in more sets and runs. For instance the 7 is extremely versatile since you can use it in more combinations that other deck cards. Since an ace or king can only be added to at one end they are less valuable than other cards.

Do not under any circumstances take a card from the discard pile, unless of course you can use it to increase your meld. Therefore if your opponent’s dropped card seems useful to you, pick it up otherwise draw from the stock since your odds will be more favorable there.

Discard 10 Point Cards

Gin Rummy StrategiesAnother important gin rummy tip is to start discarding any unmatched 10 point cards as early as possible especially if you have more than four of them in your hand. You might be tempted to hold on to your high card triangle as long as possible but if it remains unfilled after a few draws you need to ditch it. You must do this as discreetly as possible, do not do it in every sequence since your opponent will catch on. He is watching you as carefully as you’re watching him after all.

Knock as soon as you possibly can. Delaying your knock in an effort to lower it can lead to your opponent beating you to the knock. This is a very important gin rummy strategy to follow especially if you’re almost to the bottom of the pile. If the pile is only partially used up you can delay your decision to knock or go for a gin if you feel that you can get the card you need on your next couple draws.

StrategyOnce you play gin rummy for a while you will quickly realize that every game you play will be different. Even so with these gin rummy tips you can build a good gin rummy strategy that will increase your odds of beating your opponents.